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[IP] strange happening

Someting odd happened to me over the night.. it started when i went out to
eat supper  (extra long connie deal at sonic,  big meal) and i forgot to
bolus  oops, so i checked my sugar about 2-3 hours later and it was only
207 (surpising since my before meal check was 120, and all that food only
raised it that much) so i took 1 unit of humalog  which is less than i
normally take (this was at about midnight) and BOOM  4 am i wake up very
shaky and confused i ate a package of crackers & cheese, then i was able to
check my sugar and it was 44..  i have never had that BIG of a swing in
sugar with only 1 unit..  it is in a 1 1/2 day old site so that ruled out
the new site idea, this ever happen to anybody  having a odd reaction to

i was thinking maybe (slight chance that i had a little hit of the
honeymoon phase left but i very much doubt it.)

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