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Re: [IP] Women: Where do you put the pump with dresses?

I had a hard time figuring out where in my bra I was to put the pump without
it looking obvious that it was there.  My First success was with a baby sock
pinned under my armpit to my bra, but you have to be wearing a very loose top
in order for this to work.  The next success came when I bought a new bra, and
the connection space between the to cups is thick, not a thin strip or piece
of lace holding it together, it has to be thick for it to work for me.  I take
the clip off of the MM pump, and kind of put it half sticking out the top, and
half sticking out the bottom and it is very happy there, doesn't move at all.
Then again the top has to be a little loose across your chest other wise you
can see it.  The other option is a thigh thing from Mini Med.  I bought one,
and took the garter clips off and replaced them with suspender clips, and I
have no trouble with it coming unclipped.
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