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Re: [IP] Women: Where do you put the pump with dresses?

At 11:52 PM -0600 3/11/99, Jennifer Leigh Jordan wrote:
>I have had such a difficult time finding an appropriate place to put the
>pump without it looking like I have some odd square bulge on me. I have
>tried the waist-it and it is really obvious. I have also tried in my bra,
>but that is awkward and looks funny. Any suggestions...

HI Jennifer,

Where in your bra did you try it? I've tried it in the front, and there's
just no way. But when I was pregnant, I was forced to find another spot for
it, since i couldn't wear a belt. I now tuck it in my bra under my arm and
that's worked out really well. I have a Disetronic, so I have no idea if
the MiniMed's clip would make this uncomfortable or odd-looking.

I also know people who pin a baby sock to their bra under their arm, and
that works for them. Disetronic also makes a pouch specifically for that

Good luck,


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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