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This may seem very simplistic, but make sure your glucose meter is accurate.
I was having a period of very erratic control and could not understand why.
My meter would say that my bg was 44 and yet I didn't even feel hypo.  I would
treat it as usual and then be too high a few hours later.  I started re-
testing any time I got a high reading--washing my hands before re-testing.  I
found that I was not always getting consistant results!  After discussing
these issues at my visit with my CDE, she gave me a new meter which I used in
conjunction with the old one.  My old meter was, unfortunately, "dying"  Now I
know why I thought my hemoglobin A1C was higher than I thought it should have
been.  What a difference it has made in having a new meter.  Although I am new
to this, I think sometimes I/we get caught up in thinking anything unusual is
the result of a "bad" site, Humalog losing its potency, etc., when there are
so many other variables.  Makes me wonder how many times I changed a site that
didn't need to be changed during the first few weeks of pumping.  Sorry this
is so long, but hope it will help someone along the way.
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