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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #866

> I have had such a difficult time finding an appropriate place to put the
> pump without it looking like I have some odd square bulge on me. I have
> tried the waist-it and it is really obvious. I have also tried in my bra,
> but that is awkward and looks funny. Any suggestions...

If the dress is really slinky and all else fails, clip it to the leg of
some bike shorts between your legs. If you loop the end of the clip
through a big safety pin, it can't slip down. My 15 year old does this
when she goes to partys and dances that are "dress up". Usually she just
clips it to what ever is handy on the outside of her clothes or on her

I read about Michael's suggestion before, and bought some "bike shorts."
Although as a female, I refer to them as a "girdle" with legs....they work great
(Olga Body Shaper).  I take my pump out of its case so it's not as bulky and
haven't had a problem with it falling out.  Takes a little getting used to
having the pump on the inside of your thigh as you walk or cross your legs, but
then it also takes a little getting used to NOT having the pump at your waist
(as I normally do).  Once for a split second I thought I had forgotten my pump
when I didn't find it at my normals spot, my waist.  Hard to forget something
that's attached to you!!!

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