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Re: [IP]?? ketones-diets and more...

Barbara and All,

I've been following closely all this information on diet, ketones, etc..  I am
still slightly confused and not sure what to do.

My problem / Question:  I've been staying off of carbs quite a bit.  I eat simple
carbs - vegetables.  I  noticed that my BS's stay level if I don't eat a lot of
carbs (e.g. less than 20-30 per / meal or less).  I am not doing Atkins, but
somewhat similar.  Anyway the other day I was going to the bathroom more than my
usual several times ( I drink about 1 1/2 - 2 gallon of water per day ).  That
night I decided to test ketones.  Sure enough I had them and still do.  The
ketones are running from small to moderate.  My blood sugars are perfect.  So, I
am so confused.  If I eat more carbo's and have higher bs problems than no
ketones, if I eat few carbo's than great blood sugars but ketones.  I just don't
know what to do.  Am I hurting myself by running these ketones?  It is poison
running through my system, right?  Any suggestions, recommendations would be
greatly appreciated.  And, yes I am trying to lose weight too.   Not coming off
real fast.

Thank you,

> You shouldn't have to worry. If seight loss is not too fast...usually about 1
> to 2 pounds /week, there should not be a problem. If they are present at trace
> to small amounts, it is not usually a big problem. Some weight loss programs
> monitor urine for ketones. It is fat burning in the presence of little to no
> insulin that causes metabolic problems. Weight loss should be monitored when
> you have diabetes to make sure you are not deveoping problems. Ketones in the
> moderate to large range , plus high BGs are not healthy. Hope this is helpful.
> Barbara B.

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