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[IP] Taking new antibiotic for infection

I am taking  anew antibiotic it is Trovan.  You takeit once a day,
which is ice so you can remember. No real side effects as of yet. 
 I hope it works, so whatever infection i have will be gone and I can
work on these low blood sugars.  I don't even trust myself to go to
the store in the car because my bg's are lower than 100 at this point.
Once the sinus infection is gone then we will work on blood sugars,
says the doc. Hopefully they will straghten out on their own.  My
basal rate is now less than half of it was a week ago.
Anyway, with all that said the pump is the best thing to happen to me
and my diabetes.  I wouldn't go back to shots in a million years.



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