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Re: [IP] Met another pumper today...

    That's a great story....always helpful too to know where to find a fellow
pumper. Melissa's example helped to get 2 of the teachers in her middle school
"converted" to "pumperism". Not only are they thrilled, but the one time she
needed to change her site at school & didn't have back-up supplies ( I know, I
know...) she was able to borrow from one of them!!
    Also, in a similar vein, we were all out to dinner one night &
simultaneously Melissa & I swiveled around in our chairs. Why? We'd both heard
the unmistakable familiar sound of the "One Touch" meter. Sure enough on our
way out of the restaurant, we glanced around & spotted a woman with a medic-
alert bracelet. Funny thing is that neither my other daughter nor my husband
reacted as I did....guess that's why I'm the "pump-coach" because I "speak

Regards, Renee
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