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Raleigh Greene wrote:
>    I just want every insulin pump user to look out for this
> potency problem. I'll hate to change the insulin cartridge to a
> fresh one from fridge every three days. I just want Humalog to hold
> its potency for 7 days. My costs on supplies and insulin will go up
> if I cannot trust Humalog. I might try Velosulin if this problem
> keeps happening.

Have you heard about the mixed insulin scheme that seems to help with this
problem? People here have found that mixing Humalog with either Velosulin or
Regular in a 5 to 1 ratio makes the insulin last longer. Try it, it's very 
simple to do and gives the fast action of Humalog that makes the pump more 
useful without changing the timing much.

Ted Quick
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