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I am also having problems with humalog and sites.  I'm lucky if I can get my
set to last 48 hours. I am also starting to wonder if my body itself has a
problem with humalog. Yesterday (thurs) I had another unexlained episode of
high then lo, but in this case the it was the worst it has ever been. I went
from 300 to 47 in 2 hours, with only a .5 bolus. I am just glad I did not
bolus the usual amount for a high reading or I would probably be e-mailing
you from the hospital! These episode have been happening alot for the last
couple months, I have too many highs and lows that I simply can't explain no
matter how much I look at my records.
Yesterday was the last straw, I placed a call to my doctor asking to be
switched to velusin. Anybody else out there have similar problems?
email @ redacted

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