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Re: [IP] Calling all hints!

<< Is there anything I have missed?  Does anyone have any wonderful
 'psychology' tips to use on Erica in order to help her accept that first
 Silhouette injection.   >>

Hi Barb,

Our daughter Laura says the infusion sets in her upper hip hurt much less
going in than the Tenders we insert in her stomach.  Also from the inserters
standpoint, they seem to just 'glide in' where as in her stomach we have to
push more to get it in.  Laura is a very thin child and has no fat on her
tummy so I guess this area is just more tough than the hip area where this is
a bit of fat.  

We also only insert the set at a 10-15% angle and have much better luck with
site absorption than going the 30% depth recommended by the pump companies.  

We also no longer use EMLA cream because Laura made the same comment that your
husband did about still feeling it anyway and the EMLA cream was such a pain
to always remember ahead.  HOWEVER, it was a godsend when we first started
pumping and this it has only been recently that she has started doing the
changes with ice or nothing at all.  

By the way Laura is nine years old and LOVES her pump!  So do we!

Good luck!  

Sherri (Laura's mom)

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