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[IP] Met another pumper today...

Just wanted to share this funny story with all...I started pumping on
2/16/99. Love it!!! I was sitting in a computer class today and they had
gotten us all pizza. So I dual wave bolused as I do with pizza. Then about
an hour into class I hear on of those error alarms start to go off on my
pump. I looked at it and there was no error code on the pump. So I thought
oh, I must be just hearing something similar.

Well, it happened a couple more times and I started to think...what is
going on, maybe it is such a major error that it isn't even displaying a
message. Right then I noticed the lady in front of me was adjusting
something in her waist area. I thought surely not, and then I thought, well
what do I have to miss by not asking.

So I whispered, "Is that a pump?" so if it wasn't she wouldn't be thinking
"What?". She said yes. And I said "an insulin pump". So I officially met my
first fellow pumper today. She whispered to me, "Oh, there is this great
newsgroup I'll tell you about at the break." I said, "Insulin-pumpers.org."
Come to find out we are both on here.Was really exciting. I bet I have
heard those beeps before and seen people with pumps on and just not
noticed. But now I have my eyes out. It is always so nice to once again be
reminded that I am not alone.

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