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Re: [IP] Skin Irritation

I get blisters too from the little square adhesive on the soft sets./ It
horribly and reminds me of the blisters I got when I worked with certain
chemicals in respiraotry therapy. I called MiniMed about them and I was
told to
put the adhesive with the circle cut out in it that comes in the soft set
package on my skin first. THen inset soft set and put a piece of adhesive over
that. This way the sticky little square thingy doesn;t touch my skion. Another
thing I have done is to leave the piece of paper on that little sticky piece..
Hope this helps some.

At 08:43 PM 3/11/99 , you wrote:
>Candice wrote I 'm having is a skin reaction under the
>>insertion site. I have switched skin preps and I also place a square of
>>IV 3000 on my skin before inserting the soft set. I get redness and then
>>the skin hardens and flakes off like a sunburn. This is just where the
>>adhesive on the soft set is, no reaction from the IV 3000 in any other
>>place. Any suggestions? Candy Amos, Edwards, CA
>Hi all - just finished watching Amy change her site, and she has blisters
>where her site was - only where the adhesive on the tabs of the sof-set is
>located. These are raised blisters, filled with fluid, very red and itching
>her like crazy! The actual site (where the needle inserts) looks and feels
>very good. Then, I looked at her last site - it looks like it had a blister
>also. Both these sites were done from a new box of sof-sets. What do you
>the chances are that she got a box with something "new" on those tabs? I'm
>going to watch this site carefully, and give MM a call if the same thing
>happens. BTW, no other changes, in prep or length of time the sets are in (3
>days) have taken place. 
>Any suggestions?
>Sue Tappendorf
>Mom of Amy, 12, pumping since June '98
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