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[IP] Skin Irritation

Candice wrote I 'm having is a skin reaction under the
>insertion site. I have switched skin preps and I also place a square of
>IV 3000 on my skin before inserting the soft set. I get redness and then
>the skin hardens and flakes off like a sunburn. This is just where the
>adhesive on the soft set is, no reaction from the IV 3000 in any other
>place. Any suggestions? Candy Amos, Edwards, CA

Hi all - just finished watching Amy change her site, and she has blisters
where her site was - only where the adhesive on the tabs of the sof-set is
located. These are raised blisters, filled with fluid, very red and itching
her like crazy! The actual site (where the needle inserts) looks and feels
very good. Then, I looked at her last site - it looks like it had a blister
also. Both these sites were done from a new box of sof-sets. What do you think
the chances are that she got a box with something "new" on those tabs? I'm
going to watch this site carefully, and give MM a call if the same thing
happens. BTW, no other changes, in prep or length of time the sets are in (3
days) have taken place. 
Any suggestions?
Sue Tappendorf
Mom of Amy, 12, pumping since June '98
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