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Re: [IP] ketones and missed meals

In a message dated 99-03-11 01:44:43 EST, you write:

<<  am currently losing weight through watching my diet and exercising
 - considering the fact that I'm 60lbs overweight this can't be a bad thing.
 Should I be testing for ketones?  What should I do if I am spilling - Gosh
 I've been happy losing weight and now I'm worried!  @#%&!! >>

You shouldn't have to worry. If seight loss is not too fast...usually about 1
to 2 pounds /week, there should not be a problem. If they are present at trace
to small amounts, it is not usually a big problem. Some weight loss programs
monitor urine for ketones. It is fat burning in the presence of little to no
insulin that causes metabolic problems. Weight loss should be monitored when
you have diabetes to make sure you are not deveoping problems. Ketones in the
moderate to large range , plus high BGs are not healthy. Hope this is helpful.
Barbara B.
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