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Re: [IP] Site problem

> I have been fighting this for 2 months - I started with the
> sof-sets, and after a few infections and bgs of more than 500
> switched to the sills. It was great for about 3 weeks, and than the
> site began to be infected after 2 days. In the last week it takes it
> only 1 day to get infected. (infected= red, warm and painful, and
> the tissue is "hard" around the area of the canula. no absorption
> problems - bgs are fine). It happened in my belly and thighs.

One of two possibilities come to mind.

1) you may be allergic to Humalog, it may not be the set at all. You 
can test this by switching to velosulin for a week or so. If the 
problem goes away, get tested for antibodies to the Humalog.

2) your prep techniques need to improve. You may be a carrier of one 
of the common bacteria that does not bother you unless it gets into a 

Try the usual. Wash hands, don't touch insertion spot or infusion 
device. Clean 1st with betadine wipe, let dry, remove excess with 
alcohol wipe, apply skin prep wipe (Smith & Nephew), let dry, apply 
set (or tape if you do that first) making sure not to touch 
'anything' with your fingers, don't even breath in that direction - 
seriously. If you are a carrier, the bugs live in your nasal/sinus 
passages. They don't hurt you normally, only in a wound. Your doc can 
culture you for this problem and determine if it is present.

Good Luck

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