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Re: [IP] Questions About Young Pumpers

> I was curious about this. So, if someone is on .2 units/hour, which
> with a MiniMed would be delivered in .1 unit increments each half
> hour, it would take half an hour for the .1 unit to be absorbed? Is
> my understanding of what you're saying correct?

No, see the Humalog absorbtion curve in the package insert or:


Humalog peaks for most people after about an hour and is 80% or more 
absorbed in a couple of hours or so. Dribbling insulin that last that 
long in every 1/2 hour, the absorbtion curves for each increment must 
be superimposed. The result is a relatively flat curve without bumps
i.e. a flat line. The amounts for low doses (0.1u/hr) and the 
effects on overall bg levels at this level are very small compared to 
other things that effect blood sugar levels such as a miscalculated 
bolus, exercise, whether or not it's cold, etc...
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