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Re: [IP] Questions About Young Pumpers

At 10:28 AM +0000 3/11/99, Michael wrote:>> I was also wondering if most
parents prefer the
>> Disetronic to the Minimed for young children, since their inherent
>> low dosages of insulin will be delivered on a more consistent basis
>> with the Disetronic?
>The delivery rate is not important. The absorbtion time of the
>insulin masks any time differential in delivery between the pumps.
>This is a marketing issue, not a medical one.

Hi Michael,

I was curious about this. So, if someone is on .2 units/hour, which with a
MiniMed would be delivered in .1 unit increments each half hour, it would
take half an hour for the .1 unit to be absorbed? Is my understanding of
what you're saying correct?



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