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Re: [IP] Ketones

Exactly!  When my ketones are high, I've noticed that I need to take 
more insulin to bring down the bg and the ketones.  Ketones can also be 
a good indication of an infection.  I used to be bad about checking for 
ketones.  In college I developed some symptoms that were very much like 
a virus (nausea, fatigue).  On top of that, I started taking less 
insulin since I wasn't eating due to the nausea.  Turns out I had a 
bladder infection, which was causing ketones and driving my bg's up.  
Luckily, I was able to get antibiotics and adjusted my insulin dosage 
before I went into full-blown DKA.  Ever since then, I've watched my 
ketones carefully!


<<When ketones are in the moderate to large range, and the BG is also 
high (over 250), then you could need 20% more insulin on top of the high 
BG correction scale. Ketones also let you know if you are headed for 
major metabolic complications.
Barbara B.>>

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