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[IP] Calling all hints!

Hi everyone,

We are counting down to March 17....our 10 yr old Erica will be put on
the pump.  A year was an awfully long time to wait, but I have learned a
lot in that time.

This past weekend we had our 'angel' (mom of a pumping child from
another province) come to visit us and she made us confident enough so
that my husband inserted a Silhouette into my tummy and I did likewise
to him.  Love EMLA.  Actually, I was completely frozen and did not feel
a thing, however, I didn't put enough EMLA on him and he did feel the
pinch although he said it wasn't very significant.  Erica however, is
terrified to receive that initial poke, she wouldn't even watch us give
it to ourselves.  I can't say I blame her, I was shaking on the inside,
but now that I know it can be painless, I just have to convince her.  We
shook on the following:  this weekend she will let us make a few
insertions with a monoject insulin needle into a site on her stomach
which is prepared with the EMLA creme.  No insulin in it, just the
insertion because she does not like tummy injections.

We have the 'pumping insulin' book, a carbo counting book, a calculator,
EMLA, food scale, DexTabs, and a binder full of information I have been
printing off the digest for the past year.
There have only been a handful of children put on the pump in our area,
and I wasn't comfortable with the way they had Erica set up to start.  I
called this morning and told them I didn't think she should be receiving
any NPH for the two days prior to starting the pump and have asked them
to help me work out a schedule of MDI for those two days.  The pumpers
they have put on the pump so far have  had their NPH the night before,
but I figure if we do that, she will look fine in the hospital for those
two days then once we get home  ZAP! everything would have to be
adjusted.  I am awaiting their call, they are a great bunch so I think
they will work with me on this.  We want to  do this the best we can and
I think starting out on the right foot would be a good idea.

Is there anything I have missed?  Does anyone have any wonderful
'psychology' tips to use on Erica in order to help her accept that first
Silhouette injection.  I am hoping that the injections with the EMLA and
the regular needle might help a bit but the length of that thing IS
scary.  Any and all input will be welcomed!
Thanks pumpers!!
Barb Chafe
email @ redacted

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