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Re: [IP] Newly diagnosed infant -Reply

In a message dated 3/9/99 11:20:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Kids are growing, and have different needs than adults.  I have had
 since 1970(dx'd Jan 71), and no(knock on wood) complications.  I fully
 believe it this due in a very large part to the excellent care I got from my
 pediatric endo.  I am sure that a different pediatric endo might not have
 been able to do as much.  When I was growing up, most diabetic kids suffered
 infections on a regular basis, and were hospitalized at least annually for
 some sort of complications, I have never needed hospitalization except for
 diagnosis, to adjust my insulin at puberty and when I stopped growing.  This
 was the norm for his patients.   I do now know what is common now,but I bet
 some parents around here do, and I would look for someone who does not think
 the norm is acceptable.
 I do not know how responsible your daughter is at 5, but I would be scared
 to let my 5 year old son use a pump, even though I think it is the best
 means for control available.  With multiple daily injections, at least you
 have control over the insulin delivery(none, unless you are there).
 If your doctor is good, and been doing a good job, you might give his
 opinion a lot of weight, and be careful of moving to a doctor just because
 he will put the pump on a young child(especially if he thinks it is alright
 without even seeing the child).
 Good luck!!
 "Gee, no......G3!" >>
Hi Mason!   Thanks for your reply.  I am not just changing our Endo because he
will put my daughter on the pump.  I have researched this Endo for months now
and he is HIGHLY recommended.  Yes I do want her on the pump, but that isn't
the only reason I am switching to him.  He really seems to care about his
patients.  Our Endo now is in the local children's hospital and they are
complete dinosaurs!!!  They do not do carb counting, do not have meters
(actually sent us home with us not having any knowledge of meters even
exsisting) etc.............  

I know 5 is very young.  Our daughter is very responsible when it comes to a
five year old and diabetes.  Her nurses at school, teachers and our neighbors
all say how very responsible she is.  I know for a fact that she wouldn't
touch any buttons.  I just think that we have to do whatever it takes to have
the best control for our daughter.  She has soooooo many days where she says
she doesn't feel good and it's all the rollercoaster of her bgs.  She cries
that it's not fair that she always feels sick.  And so on......  We haven't
definetly decided we are getting the pump, but we are sure investigating
it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have an appointment with the new Endo on April 26.  I
guess it would be a combined decision, between him, my husband and myself and
MY DAUGHTER.  (this Endo just said over the phone he would consider it, he has
one other 5 yr. old pumping.   Also Amanda will be 6 when she starts)

Thanks for taking the time to write back.  I am so VERY pleased that you have
done so well with your diabetes control!!!!!  They are the stories that I like
to hear.  Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!!

Take care,
Judy             Amanda's mom
age 5             dx at 3 1/2
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