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Re: [IP] Was "No Subject" now "Hypo Unawareness"

Mychelle, one of the reasons I am on the pump is because I have trouble
recognizing reactions due to the roller coaster ride of unexplained highs
and lows pre-pump. As a matter of fact I still catch a lot of my reactions
because of the frequent testing I'm doing on the pump. I've been pumping
since 12/98 and think I am starting to gain some awareness back , but still
have a ways to go. My endo feels my awareness will return. The key I find is
to test whenever I feel "odd." It's a pain, but worth it. I know in "The
Insulin Pump Therapy Book" by Jay Skyler, MD, under the candidate guidelines
it suggest that a pump user should recognize warning signs of hypo and
ketones. Maybe if you can show your endo your willingness to test VERY
often, he may let you try it.
Good luck.

dxd 7/77
pumping since 12/98

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