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Re: [IP] Afternoon highs with stress

When I get sick my BGs go crazy..they can be "normal" and then go too high and
I have ketones.  Has she been having a fever? and is she on antibiotics?
I have this bug that is going around and find when my fever starts to go up in
the afternoon or early evening my BGs follow.
I was able to get things under control  with antibiotics..and my BGs are
becoming more "normal"
I hope she feels better soon.

At 01:59 PM 3/10/99 , you wrote:
>We've had the diabetes week from hell, and I'm still trying to figure out
>what I'm learning.  Jenna (9 years old) developed a cold a week ago, one day
>before we left for Florida, which involved lots of walking while touring
>theme parks, then a gymnastics competition which had her nervous.  Anyways,
>her sugars have been crazy from all this.  The weird part is, that her
>sugars are reasonable at night and the am until noon on her old basal rates,
>then at noon, they shoot up (into the 300's and occasionally 400's), and
>stay high until about supper time.  Right now, I've got her afternoon basals
>turned up to double the morning basals (0.3 units till noon, then 0.6 from
>noon till 6 pm).  Then this am, she woke up with large ketones and vomiting,
>after having good sugars most of the day yesterday, and had to get IV
>fluids.  So, my question is, when your sugars go up from illness or stress,
>do they do it rather evenly, all day, or is it worse at some times of day
>than others? I'm getting exhausted from checking her every 2 hours, her
>fingers look like mincemeat, and she's still hacking her head off.
>Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98
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