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Re: [IP] Afternoon highs with stress

> We've had the diabetes week from hell, and I'm still trying to
> figure out what I'm learning.  Jenna (9 years old) developed a cold
> a week ago, one day before we left for Florida, which involved lots
> of walking while touring theme parks, then a gymnastics competition
> which had her nervous.  Anyways, her sugars have been crazy from all
> this.  The weird part is, that her sugars are reasonable at night
> and the am until noon on her old basal rates, then at noon, they
> shoot up (into the 300's and occasionally 400's), and stay high
> until about supper time.

It may be the stress in anticipation of competition. I've noticed the 
same thing with Lily before a soccer tournament. It has gotten better 
as she has gotten older. It seems to help to eat several hours ahead 
of time then begin testing an hour or two before you need to compete. 
Once competition starts, she will forget the stress and get in the 
groove (hopefully).

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