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Re: [IP] absorption issue? with a new site


same problem here last night... tried the same area on right side a few
days ago and it worked perfectly... wanted to give my stomach a rest...
went to the left side yesterday with routine change... last night went to
bed in normal range and got up at 2am with nightmares... get restless and
nightmares when I'm high and sleep... bolused to bring the high down and
went back to sleep... woke up at 5am worse nightmares and checked... even
higher... bolused more... at 7am gave up, checked and my all time waking
record high was set... changed out set and went back to tummy before
getting coffee in me... *S*

thought it was because I sleep on my side... that side... now I know
better... never used that area when on midi.. the bs is down to normal and
now patching up the rebound... real orange marmalade with toast.... yum, no
bolus this time... *S*...took until almost 6pm to get the bs down today and
enough humalog for everyone on this list to have an extended chocolate
fest... yuck!!!!!

the trick to this is to mess with it before it messes with you... sneak up
*my pump* did a perfect sneak up on me today... *S*

Ellen B-C

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