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[IP] The Pump Girls

Dear Pumpers:
     A friend called me early this evening, insisting that I quickly turn on
the local news for the "Health Watch" report that was scheduled for right
after a commercial, saying it was something to do with teenaged girls &
raising awareness of a disease. Sure enough - it was about the Pump Girls &
the release of their CD of songs about living with diabetes. Showed their MM
blue 507 pump, explained how it worked, had the girls commenting & saying
things like getting a pump was the best thing they'd ever done, etc etc....
Very cute "promo" which ended with the news that $1 of every CD sold will go
towards a fund they're starting for kids who can't afford insulin pumps. Also
mentioned that only 2% of teens with diabetes have pumps, and when the segment
ended, the local newscaster mentioned that it costs $5000 & many insurance
companies do not pay for it. I'd have preferred NOT having that last part
announced (just what some insurance executive does NOT need to hear!!) but
nonetheless was delighted with the publicity given to these determined young
teens. <A HREF="http://www.pumpgirls.com/pg/default3.htm">Pump Girls Home Page
</A> ...If this link works, check out their new website- it's quite an
accomplishment & as a pump proponent, I'm very impressed by their initiative
and commitment!!!

Regards, Renee
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