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[IP] Afternoon highs with stress

We've had the diabetes week from hell, and I'm still trying to figure out
what I'm learning.  Jenna (9 years old) developed a cold a week ago, one day
before we left for Florida, which involved lots of walking while touring
theme parks, then a gymnastics competition which had her nervous.  Anyways,
her sugars have been crazy from all this.  The weird part is, that her
sugars are reasonable at night and the am until noon on her old basal rates,
then at noon, they shoot up (into the 300's and occasionally 400's), and
stay high until about supper time.  Right now, I've got her afternoon basals
turned up to double the morning basals (0.3 units till noon, then 0.6 from
noon till 6 pm).  Then this am, she woke up with large ketones and vomiting,
after having good sugars most of the day yesterday, and had to get IV
fluids.  So, my question is, when your sugars go up from illness or stress,
do they do it rather evenly, all day, or is it worse at some times of day
than others? I'm getting exhausted from checking her every 2 hours, her
fingers look like mincemeat, and she's still hacking her head off.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98

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