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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #862

The hypo unawareness should not deter you from going on the pump.  I am
not symptomatic until my BG is around 40.  I find I have fewer episodes
if I monitor my activities.  Swimming, biking, exercise class all drop
the BG.  I usually turn the pump off or set a much lower basal rate for
heavy activity.  Keep  OJ handy. Watch yourself in hot weather you can
become hyper with dehydration.  A good log book of how your body
responds to certain activity is essential.  You eventually fiigure out
your limits.  Monitor your BG before, half way thru and after.
Good luck,  the freedom is great.

A problem related to hyper can exist when you become ill.  With no
reserve insulin on board, dehydration and illness and even stress can
raise you levels to a much higher level..

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