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Re: [IP] Skin Irritation

> I have switched skin preps and I also
> place a square of IV 3000 on my skin before inserting the soft set.
> I get redness and then the skin hardens and flakes off like a
> sunburn. This is just where the adhesive on the soft set is, no
> reaction from the IV 3000 in any other place. Any suggestions?

Do a skin test with all the available tapes
Kendall, micropore tapes, etc....
For those that do not bother your skin, then try to find one that 
acts as a better barrier to the adhesive on the sofset.

You might also try the Tender/Silohette/Comfort sets and see if the 
adhesive on them bothers you as well. Get a freebee sample from 
either MM or D

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