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Re: [IP] lower intake, lower weight

Sara wrote:

> In my opinion, the best, easiest, most
> effective way to help oneself lose
> weight, is to write down what you eat.

I have been having "munchies" a lot the
last couple of months and have put on
several pounds :-( .  I have found an
easy way to help control the munchies,
I almost always look at my total daily
insulin use before eating.  I have set
a "goal" of what I want my max daily
insulin use to be.  The goal leaves room
for more than enough snacks, but is less
than I was using.  Just the act of
looking before I eat helps me to eat
less since I am aware of how much I am
eating.  Since I started 2 weeks ago,
I have lost a couple of pounds.


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