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[IP] Ped vs. endo

Personally I don't think having a pediatrian is as important as having a
team that works the best for you.  A pediatric DIABETES team would be the
best situation but a general pediatrician isn't necessarily better then an
endo.  I seen a ped for about 5 years and the and for me I never got the
best diabetes care until my endo. ( I also seen a endo that told me there
was no such thing as ultralente insulin!  Go figure!)

I've had diabetes since I was 12 and perhaps I don't really have the
experience to say anything but if any future child of mine were to be dxd
with diabetes (heaven forbid) I would have them on the pump as soon as
realistically possible.  It isn't even the control that would make me, but
the quality of life.  How many times as a kid I felt I couldn't do things
like everyone else because of my diabetes!  I never knew how held back I was
until I started the pump (about 6 months ago) and I'm now 23...missed out on
a lot I think.

I suggest finding a team that you feel comfortable and confident
with...whether it includes a endo or a ped isn't as important as that.
A 5 year old with diabetes has to learn a lot of responsibilty whether it be
about the pump or injections.  I guess it really comes down to your own
judgement call.  I would think that a child that age or perhaps a bit older
would be able to handle the pump...really depends on the child. If you
really don't feel comfortable having your child using the pump now wait
until later, but never forget it as being an option.

Just my own thought.


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