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[IP] Re: Miss America

Interesting thing about Miss America. I'm on the festivities committee for the
25th Annual Smoothest Bike Ride in the World at the Indianapolis Motor
Speedway (an ADA fundraiser) and we asked about getting Nicole Johnson to
come. The Miss America Organization said it would cost us $3,000 for her to
appear -- say a few words and ride around the track in the pace car. Even
then, they couldn't tell us until two weeks before the event if she'd show up.

Anybody know how much these places that she's appearing at are paying for her

If you're going to be in Indianapolis on July 17, by the way, please join us.
It isn't a race, it's a ride, and you get to go around the track (where they
run the Indy 500) as many times as you'd like. Exercise, fresh air, lots of
snacks, massages ... but no Miss America.

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