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Hope,  for me depending on where I get the infection has a lot to do with
what my bg does, and the type of antibiotics I am on. I always go low when I
have sinus problems it does not make much sense I realize but I just got
over a sinus infection and my pump was at a 0 delivery for hours at a time,
when I get a lung infection or urinary track infection my bg goes through
the roof. What happens to your bg if you suspend?, of course you have to
watch really close if you do that. Let me know if you figure it out or try a
suspend I would be interested to hear what happens
Take Care

Hope horsford wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have just come into a new ballgame here.
> I normally have blood sugars of 130'ish.  That is where I "feel" good.
>  I am experiencing  many lows. When I say low I mean between 19 and
> 60.  I have a hard time keeping my blood sugar up past 60.  I have
> decreased in the past 5 days with my Md guidance, my basal rate by half.
> My Md is treating me for a sinus infection, but the usual is that my
> Blood sugars go skyrocketting when infection is involved.  I have
> never felt so uncontrolled, and really not be able to do anything for
> it.

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