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No Subject

Hi all,
I have just come into a new ballgame here.
I normally have blood sugars of 130'ish.  That is where I "feel" good.
 I am experiencing  many lows. When I say low I mean between 19 and
60.  I have a hard time keeping my blood sugar up past 60.  I have
decreased in the past 5 days with my Md guidance, my basal rate by half.

My Md is treating me for a sinus infection, but the usual is that my
Blood sugars go skyrocketting when infection is involved.  I have
never felt so uncontrolled, and really not be able to do anything for

I have changed softsets,and have the same bottle of insulin as
previously used before the lows started.

I am working with the "doc" but there is not much he can do but
decrease inslin requirement. Any suggestions?
Thanks       Hopee

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