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Re: [IP] hi then lo

Donna wrote:
> They are wanting my PP to be 120 or less and my fasting to be between 60 - 100
> Im wanting to get pregnant but these goals seem impossible.  Now I have a cold
> or something and the decongestant made my bg go up to over 200 and never lower
> that 157.  I've increase my meal units but this doesn't affect my bgs very
> much.  I'm about ready to choke someone.  My primary dr is in charge of the cold
> and my endo the bgs, I have refused to take the decongestant now and wait to
> hear from the dr about what to do next.

I never use decongestants or antihistamines. Basically I don't use pills
that are supposed to solve problems with anything BUT my stomach, at least
for colds or such. Most of them work by changing something that will affect
diabetes so they aren't worth it. When I have a cold I use Afrin nasal spray
and normal aspirin. Too many cold medicines surpress the basal metabolism
to avoid the symptoms, and actually don't deal with the cold at all.

A slower metabolism usually leads to insulin resistance, and nobody here needs

Ted Quick
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