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Re: [IP] ketones and missed meals

In a message dated 99-03-08 23:05:40 EST, you write:

<< So does this mean that all people who skip a meal make ketones or is it
 a individual thing? Not all people, but there is such a thing as starvation
ketosis. And people on weight loss programs will have some low level ketones
when they burn up their fat stores. If ketones are trace to small, with
fasting, there may not be a problem with your metabolism. But if moderate to
high, you just don't have enough insulin around, and for Type 1, that can be
 I know people who fast as part of a religious belief are they at risk?,
 or because there bodies operate normally in the first place they balance
 and remain safe. Many times I don't want to eat and I have to cause the
 ketones just get worse and worse if I don't. If ketones are developing and
you are nauseated, you may not feel like eating.  Makes me wonder if more
 people with DM have the same problem but they don't check. Probably.
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