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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #860

OK---first of all---I got rid of that damned virus on my computer...let me warn all
of you to be aware to not open any exe files--or any files that you are not familiar
with...Thanks to the DELL tech. support, I rid my computer of the "worm"
virus...hope I don't have to take it back to the "doc" anytime soon  :)
Now, I read about CF---just what is that?
I know that it is much easier to use abbreviations, but for the sake of the
newcomers and the "unlearned", could we please not abbreviate for the first time
mentioned in a posting?
OK...my questioned I dare bolus and wait until my Blood Sugar levels are within
normal range before I eat?  I have been doing that for the past two weeks, and it
seems that I have only ben eating 2 light meals or 1 medium meal a day...This may be
unhealthy but I am maintaining control have been losing weight, but not as much as
you would think...also, I am holding fluid in my right leg (the donor sight for the
vein for my bypass last March)---also I have gastroparesis...I have an excellent
endocrinologist, but BUSY!!!  Anybody else with similar symptoms???  I have been a
pumper for almost 6 weeks now.

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