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Re: [IP] ketones and missed meals

MaryJean, methinks you might be just a wee little bit off base here :-)
But you still can get tagged out just as effectively .  I don't think you
ever convert muscle to anything.  Once you lose muscle cells you don't get
them back.  The ketones come from fatty acid metabolism when there is not
enough available energy from glucose.  So you get ketones when you are
starving (i.e, no glucose energy) and when you have no insulin (i.e., lots
of glucose but you can't use it).   Normally skipping a meal or two
wouldn't be enough to generate ketones, so if this happens to someone there
may be something else going on metabolically.  There's enough glycogen
stores normally to go many hours at basal metabolic rates.

<Thanks for the clarification.  Is there a by-product of your body
<converting muscle, similar to ketones? Or am I way off base here?

* Wayne *

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