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[IP] hi then lo

Donna wrote:

> also noticed that my bg is always high 2 hrs 
> after and then sometimes will be back down at 3 to 4 hrs after. 

This is normal for many people.  "They" say test your blood 2 hours after your
meal, this is their famous postprandial number they want us to be so aware
of...."eeek!!! your 2 hour post prandial is too...you didn't bolus correctly,
you bad defective non compliant oreo-eater!!!"  

Baloney!!!  many of us have slightly different reaction times to both
Velosulin and/or Humalog.  If I test 2 hours after a meal that had anything
other than fruit in it, I WILL be high.  However, if I wait 2 3/4 to 3 hours
after my meal, I will be on target.  If  I had bolused to cover the 2 hour
postprandial high, I would be crashing pretty soon thereafter!

This is why they say YMMV...of course with me, I also take my straight
velosulin right before I eat - at the most 10 minutes in advance, cuz I know
if I take it 1/2 an hour early as "they" prescribe, I will be foaming at the
mouth before my food comes.  I just have a quicker onset of Velosulin...I do
use Humalog occasionally...but my ratio for that is much higher...1 unit of
velosulin takes me down 55-60 points, whereas Rocket drops me 75-80 per

Sara - and my workouts are down to $8.33
*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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