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[IP] lower intake, lower weight

Wayne wrote:

> I think there is probably a lot of true in those diet gurus that say 
> you can control your weight by watching your CHO intake.  If you eat 
> few CHO then your insulin will drop.  I don't know if others on this list 
> have systematically watched this like I have, but I'm curious about it.  
> I suspect that YMMV here, like everything else.

I agree wayne.  it is actually fairly obvious...once we normalize our blood
sugars, if we injest more than our body NEEDS, then just like any other
normal person, we will store the excess as fat, as long as we are taking the
proper amount of insulin to maintain our blood sugar level.  That is why when
our blood sugars are out of control, we pee alot, and lose weight - burning
fat and muscle is NOT an effective or efficient way to lose weight...though,
everyone be honest, it sure is a idea that crosses our model-thin obsessed
minds now and then...(well except for you "perfectionists" out there...<g>

If a person is gaining weight on the pump, it is not the "fault" of the pump.
It is the "blessing" of the pump - we are now in control of what we can eat
and if we CHOOSE to eat Oreos and Cap'n Crunch with crunch berries, then we
also need to  take the proper amount of insulin to keep our sugars level...I
am the Cap'n Crunch Queen, but I don't "need" TWO bowls of it!!  If I "want"
both bowls, then I will take the insulin for both bowls, cuz I dont want my
blood sugar in the 300s!   and since I probably didn't "Need" it in hte first
place...it will be placed on my hips or whatever body part that is currently
being used as fat depot.

With the pump, we now have the capability to eat on the fly...you drive past
the donut store...stomach says "mmmmmmdonuts."  you pull over - do a quick
check - cool 118!!!  Get yerself a coupla them HOT krispy kremes...bolus 2.3
units for each, and inhale them while the sugar is still burning your
finger...now, did you REALLY need those "nutrients" to keep your mind and body
functioning?  hell no...so if you do that enough times, you WILL gain weight. 

In my opinion, the best, easiest, most effective way to help oneself lose
weight, is to write down what you eat.  Write down "entire bag of Fritos"
enough times and you will either embarass yourself into stopping the madness,
or you will accept that you really are a fat person on the inside and that's

Just don't blame the pump, or the insulin or your doctor...YOU have the
control, baby.  If you don't control it, it will control you...then all you
can do is cry in your Cinnamon hazelnut flavoured coffee, dripping salty tears
on your choclate eclair!!  mmmmmm......

Sara (who has had 1 cup of coffee too many this morning....)
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