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Re: [IP] ketones and missed meals

GTE/notebook wrote:

> Does anyone else get ketones when they miss a meal..?
> I do every time regardless of bg, I always thought ketones were a
> product of high bg until I ended up in the hospital because of ketones
> with almost normal bg under 140.

Ketones with normal BGs and having missed a meal means that you aren't
converting enough of the glycogen stored in your liver into glucose  (or
have no glycogen in your liver) to compensate for the fact that none is
coming in through your digestive system, so your body is using fat
stores to provide you with energy.

This kind of ketosis is "normal" in people who are starving -- or
dieting extremely -- but in a Type 1, it's more dangerous because it
fouls up your insulin/food balance and can put you on the rollercoaster. 

In your case, since you are thin, you don't have much in the way of fat
to keep you going, and so it's REALLY not a good idea to miss a meal!
Also, I'm gonna guess that because you have CF, your pancreas might not
be properly secreting the hormones that tell the liver to convert
glycogen to glucose, so even if the glycogen is there, it might not be

You're walking a narrower tightrope than the rest of us! 

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