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[IP] Ketones

Karen..always ask questions.  In my mind, the big deal about checking for
ketones is to find out if your BG is high though you body has enough insulin
to prevent DKA (ie you forgot a meal bolus) or you're high and your body is so
insulin deficient that you are rapidly breaking down fat reserves (results are
ketones).  In the former, you need to supplement, take your bolus, etc., no
emergency.   In the latter, if you are on the pump, you need an immediate
injection (old fashioned syringe), change out tubing, etc, will need a higher
dose of supplemental insulin as ketones cause or indicate a higher resistance
to insulin, have to make sure new tubing and pump working, on or off the pump
have to figure out if ther is any chance you have an infection.  The short of
it is..ketones can warn you that a big problem doeth approach.

I went through a bizarre 2 days last spring on the pump in DKA changing
tubing, changing insulin bottle, checking pump, talking to DNE and Minimed,
pushing fluids and using phenergan to keep it down, checking glucoses every
few hours, up all night, finally saw my Dr. in the am (an MD hates to admit
their own defeat!) My MD couldn't find anything, talked to my endo, couldn't
come up with anything, we decided I must have some viral infection though I
had No real other symptoms, had my pump cranked up 100% by now.  Kept checking
every 2 hours and over the night gradually everything came back to normal and
I had to keep "cranking down" the pump.  Felt like I'd been on Mr. Toad's wild
ride at Disney.  Never happened before or since.  IDDM for 29 years and Pump
almost 6.  The first clue was an unusual glucose with a bunch of ketones. Had
I just covered it with my supplemental dose of Humalog and gone to bed, I
might have woken up in the ICU (or worse).

That's why you need to know about ketones.    Linda
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