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[IP] reasons for waiting

Thanks for all the congrats on our son getting the pump. I'm sorry, our
messages got deleted before I could personally answer them. 

One reason for waiting til June when kevin is out of school is because I have
heard from many people that it takes a bit of time to get regulated on it and
he has to be hospitalized for 4 days. That is what our Dr. prefers. Yes, we
could get it done over break, but I'm getting carpal tunnel surgery done at
that time! (yikes, ain't life grand!)

I would hate for him to get connected and have problems. This summer we will
have all the time in the world to give to him and getting acquainted with this
wonderful device! I cant wait!

He is getting the Disetronic pump and I'm wondering what your expertise is on
which tubing would be best to start him on. He has recently gained 20 lbs so
his belly is not skinny anymore. I hear a lot of talk about EMLA too. Is that
something that comes with the pump or you have to order it?

Thanks again! We cant wait. I should know tomorrow when we start the 2 week

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