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Re: [IP] Ketones


There are, of course, multiple answers to your question, but here's one:
Ketones can make you insulin resistant so the dose needed to lower your bg
may be more than the regular amount you would calculate based solely on the
bg #.   While ideally you should drink extra fluid etc whenever you get that
high, the need for salts and fluids and to be careful about stressful
activity increases with ketones.   You can certainly get away with not
checking -- I've skipped it for long periods of time without much trouble
since I could usually make reasonable guesses about how much insulin it
takes to get down.  Ketone checking is not an exact science.  It just
provides some information which is somewhat useful in calculating your bolus
and cautioning you to watch your electrolytes, drink fluids, not over exert
yourself until your bg has come back down.


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