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Re: [IP] Ketones

In a message dated 3/8/99 12:04:30 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Please don't anyone yell at me, but I have a question about ketones. 
 I have read several posts where people were advised to check their
 ketones when their bs levels are very high.  My question is why do you
 have to check them?  If your bs is high and you give the insulin, what
 good does checking for ketones do? >>

Hi Karen

Why would anybody yell at you for asking a perfectly legitimate question? :-)

If your BGs are high and you give yourself extra insulin, how do you know you
(1) had ketones and (2) that they're coming down? Diabetic ketoacidosis can
severely disturb the electrolytes in your body, cause your heart to beat
irregularly, can lead to coma, shock, problems breathing, pneumonia and death.
Why risk it?

You could also just think you have the flu. Friend of mine thought that a few
years ago, drove himself to the hospital and collapsed just outside of the
emergency room. He was in ICU for a few days with DKA. It's very, very

I've heard DKA likened to your body doing to itself what nail polish remover
does to nail polish. (Not a pleasant thought.)

Also, when you're on the pump, you have no background insulin in you. A
problem with delivery can lead to very high BGs very quickly.

And, finally ... just because you've never been in DKA doesn't mean it will
never happen. Better to be safe.

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