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Re: [IP] hypoglycemia and emergency personnel

> This
> continued even after he was in the ER until I got there (about 45 minutes
> after they did).  The most disappointing thing about all this was that the
> resident treating my son has a wife with diabetes who has had hypoglycemic
> reactions, too.  Anyway, the point I am finally getting to is the need for a
> medical ID bracelet or necklace.  My son had outgrown his and I just had not
> replaced it at that time- big mistake.   If a person with diabetes has a
> reaction while driving, it would be even more essential to have medical ID so
> valuable time won't be wasted when treatment is needed.  My son's endo
> reiterated the need for medical ID.  He said that with young males it is
> especially important, since drug use will be the first thing suspected if he
> isn't acting right.  I know everyone on this list knows how important this is,
> but like me (medical professional that I am) you may have 'just not gotten
> around to it'.

I am no medical professional, just a 36 year veteran of Type I diabetes, but I
agree with you 100%.  Too me it's the only responsible thing to do.  Even in my
'Vain" days, in which I didn't want a bracelet etc., I always had something in my
purse identify I was diabetic.  As a kid with diabetes, even in the 60's, I use to
hear horror stories about diabetes getting thrown in jail for drug or alcohol
related problems, when they we're truly having a reaction.  I also, always have
something in the car, just in case.  I also always test at least half hour or less
prior to getting behind the wheel.  I am grateful I do this, especially after
reading all this stuff on the list about accidents, jail, etc..  Just my two

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