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[IP] Ketones

Please don't anyone yell at me, but I have a question about ketones. 
I have read several posts where people were advised to check their
ketones when their bs levels are very high.  My question is why do you
have to check them?  If your bs is high and you give the insulin, what
good does checking for ketones do?  I've only read to drink liquids
(h2o) to flush them out, but  it just seems like they will disappear
on their own once the bs goes back to your normal range.  I'm
obviously missing a piece of the puzzle.  I'm embarrassed to say that
I've been diabetic for 15 years and don't know the scoop on ketones. I
may have tested for them when I was first diagnosed, I don't remember.
 It just seems like a waste of time to me if they will be coming down
eventually any way, whether you test for them or not.  Can someone

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