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Re: [IP] Nat'l History Day

congratulations to your son Mary Jean!!!!!... love to hear about academic
winners and your son seems like he really did his research!!!!!!... when he
gets to college, he can take my classes... love people who do their
reading... *S*

Ellen B-C

At 08:04 PM 3/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have to brag about my son a bit...  Yesterday was our regional competion
>for the National History Day competition.  The theme for this year's
>competion is  Science, Invention, and Technology: Impact, Influence, and
>Change.  My 12 year old son prepared an exhibit on "Inventions and
>Discoveries to Treat Diabetes."  He had a timeline starting with the
>Egyptians noticing "too much urine" and proceding on through the discovery
>of Insulin and the invention of the pump.  He had a shocking set of
>pictures of a young boy both before and after insulin was discovered.  He
>had pictures of both pumps, as well as some interesting statistics.  He
>also velcroed to the poster my old glucose meter (Tracer II - the kind you
>had to time and wipe the blood off), and an almost empty bottle of
>Velosulin, and he glued an injection syringe on as well (with the needle
>clipped off).  But the icing on the cake was the MM507 pump that my endo
>loaned him.  I loaded it up with water and showed him how to bolus with it.
> It impressed the socks off the judges when he demonstrated his knowledge
>of the pump and explained how it makes life so much easier for us.
>Geoff won first place and is advancing on to the statewide competition on
>April 16th.  I am so proud!!  But perhaps the most touching part of the
>whole thing was the way he acted when he got to carrry the pump around.
>(We didn't let him leave it with the exhibit, since it is a loaner, so he
>kept it in his pocket all day.)  He purposely left a bit of the tubing
>showing so he could pretend he was a real pumper.  I didn't realize he
>thought it was that cool!  I eavesdropped as he was explaining his project
>to some of the neighborhood kids the day before the competition.  I've
>never made a big deal about my Diabetes around them and I don't think they
>really realized that I have it.  (I think they thought I carry a pager.)
>They were fascinated by the whole thing and really cheered Geoff on.
>All in all, it's been a wonderful weekend!
>Mary Jean
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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