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[IP] sickness and high Bgs update

Thanks to all who shared thier ideas..I still am sick and running a lower
than I was..I am on antibiotics and nystatin (anticandida med) and I have been
able to maintain my bgs in the lower 200's (about 210-220) which without my
pump I doubt I would have been able to do that, Whatever this bug is it hit me
hard. Now am getting productive cough so things are clearing up.
I haven't had much appetite except for eating soup and drinking ALOT of water.
Pre pump days I got sick and BGs kepyt going up to 400's.
now i hope my huge cold sore on my lower lip will begin to heal as that hurts.
This has been a rough few days but I am beginning to think I am going to
survive without a hospital visit.
Maybe when I feel better I will try some of my favorite cereals 'Ohs!" just
time for a real treat.

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