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Re: [IP] Nat'l History Day

>Mary Jean,
>Congratulations on your sons science project.  I hope that not only the
>but others got an education about diabetes.  I think the more people who are
>educated the greater understanding and hopefully funding there will be.  You
>have every right to be very proud of your son. 

Yes, Donna, you bring up a good point.  We noticed several people studying
his exhibit throughout the day.  We had copies of the Diabetes Risk test
there for people to take (although I don't think anybody did). One time,
when he was standing by his exhibit, a lady came up and became very
interested. As it turned out, she is a nurse and had always wanted to know
how a pump worked, but had never seen one.  He showed it to her and she
seemed very pleased.  Geoff said he was surprised that a nurse wouldn't
know about them, so then I told him about the real world....


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